What types of WoW boosts are there?

WoW boost is a service that helps you deal with challenges and receive rewards fast and without much effort. It’s easy to understand what it is with an example: say, you want to beat a Mythic+ 20 dungeon but you don’t have the right key, the right team, and decent gear. What should you do? Spend several more weeks trying to get all those things? Or just hire a team that will take you to any dungeon you want right now? The latter is what a WoW boost does. You get the team that easily destroys all the hostile NPCs in your vicinity and finishes the dungeon with no problem at all. And it’s just one instance of what it can do. Let’s learn about other types of WoW boosts.

The most obvious division line lies between group boosts and solo boosts. The former includes getting a whole team for a player to help them beat a dungeon, a raid, get an arena rating, and so on. The latter takes just one pro player helping you with some solo activity like leveling up, mastering a profession, improving your reputation with some faction, and so on. There’s also a more complex division of boosts into categories, here it is:

=> Raid carries
=> Dungeon carries
=> Arena carries
=> RBG carries
=> Power leveling (level boosts)
=> Gear boosts
=> Reputation boosts
=> Professions boosts
=> More solo activities boosts

Any activity in the game can be boosted — it only depends on your character’s needs. So if you don’t think that a service you could need fits in any of the categories given above, you can just request a custom boost directly in a chat with a custom support agent.

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