What is Tokio Marine AutoPro?

Tokio Marine is a commercial insurance brand that offers various insurance products. It is a popular car insurance brand for imported vehicles in Malaysia, as the company offers customized plans to suit the needs of different consumers. Previously, we looked at three Tokio Marine car insurance plans for private vehicles, namely, Comprehensive Cover, Third-Party Fire & Theft Cover, and Third-Party Cover. In this article, we will look at Tokio Marine’s AutoPro plan and learn how it differs from the regular comprehensive policy.

What is Tokio Marine AutoPro?

Tokio Marine AutoPro is an enhanced comprehensive coverage that protects policyholders and their vehicles from mishaps. The plan is designed to provide a combination of motor and miscellaneous personal covers from accidents at an affordable premium.

This policy provides insurance against liabilities to other parties for injury or death, damage to other parties’ property, accidental or fire damage to your vehicle, or theft of your car. With this plan, policyholders get to enjoy the standard comprehensive coverage and other benefits from the enhanced coverage.

Additional benefits

Aside from the enhanced benefits, the AutoPro plan by Tokio Marine also comes with optional benefits that can be purchased by paying an additional premium. The additional benefits include:

Windscreen damage

  • Legal liability of passengers

  • Legal liability to passengers

  • Inclusion of special perils such as damage due to earthquakes, storms, landslides, and more

  • Strike, riot, and civil commotion

  • Current year NCD relief

  • Compensation for Assessed Repair Time (CART)

Tokio Marine car insurance

The world of auto insurance is constantly improving to offer better protection for car owners and their vehicles. As such, Tokio Marine’s AutoPro Plan is a game-changer because it gives you more for less. For free Tokio Marine car insurance quotes, be sure to check out bjak.my. You can compare prices and plans from 18 different brands in Malaysia, including Tokio Marine, and renew your policy at your fingertips.

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